Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Num-Num" No More

Oh Jase and his "Num-Num" (pacifier)....where to start with those two. It's such an addiction...and I hate it. I have wanted it gone for a long time, but it was the only way I could get him to sleep through the night and that wasn't until he was a year old! I have tried over and over again to get rid of it in the past year but couldn't do it. Until yesterday I noticed his teeth were starting to shape around it, he's always had odd shaped teeth even both the pacifier addiction started, but it's bad now. His pedi told me he could have it until I saw that then it was time to give it up. So, today I snipped the tip off one and left it for him where he could find it. He told me his "num-num" was broken so I told him to throw it away which he did. A few hours later he appears with one his mouth, turns out the reason we kept loosing so many is because he was hiding them all through the house! I found them all, cut all the ends off when he wasn't looking and he got to the point to where he just didn't want it.

But now its bedtime.....

He has to have it for bedtime, so right now I am listening to him cry for it. I hate it! I NEVER EVER did cry-it-out because I hate to hear my kids cry it breaks my heart. So I'm crying myself because he is truly braking my heart. I will not give in though! I must not give in! I am doing this for him....I just wish he didn't think I was being mean and that I didn't feel like a horrible mother.....this is all my fault after all...

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