Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hello Kendra, it's been awhile

I realized something yesterday evening, that the old Kendra is back. She has been missing for almost 3 years leaving me a shell just trying to make it through the days. I feel as if a dense fog has been lifted from my mind and the sun is finally out. It's amazing feeling like this again. I'm finally laughing, smiling, and enjoying life again. I'm not even sure where this came from, it just happened. I keep myself busy with different crafts now instead of the computer, so maybe that is what is helping. I need to figure it out so Kendra doesn't leave me again, or Sloan. He even said last night that it was good to have me back, that tells me the change is very noticeable.

So, back to my day of doing little crafts. I will be posting how-to steps for the bugs from last week's blog later.

Also make sure to check out the new bow kits! I have orange/yellow, black/white, and pink/red now. Gotta get rid of this ribbon so I can put something toward school! That is the whole reason I try so hard to make a bit of cash! Doesn't seem to be working though! :P

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