Monday, August 9, 2010

Sick babies are the worst :(

Caroline was fussy yesterday but I chalked it up to teething since she is getting in all her molars at once (..yay..). But last night she woke up at 2 am screaming which is not like her at all! I fixed her a sippy but when I went to lay her back down she was burning up. So I had to hunt down the thermometer to make sure she wasn't just hot from screaming. Turns out she had a 104+ fever! After some tylenol and cuddling she finally relaxed and went back to sleep. She kept waking up constantly the rest of the night but finally stopped around 5:30 am when Sloan was up and he went to calm her. She slept untill 8:30 only to be awake for 2 hours just sitting in my lap on the couch wrapped in a blanket. She's still asleep after 3 hours...and we are still fighting the 104 fever. I had to throw out all our motrin with that last recall and that is the only thing that works with our kids. I can give it to them once after they get that high fever (they always do) and BAM gone never to return. Tylenol though gets it down to maybe 101 if we are lucky only for it to return 2 hours later. So, Sloan is going to try to find some on base or here in Lemon Grove on his way home. I hope he can find some so she gets better quick!

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