Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ah ha! I beat you depression!

I have been 100% depression free for about a month now I think, and my gosh am I loving having me back! I feel wonderful everyday! No more pain, angry, and just down right misery. I feel like those old musicals i love to watch! I guess all i needed was to live in California haha The best thing about it though is that the last of the weight i needed to loose is melting off me. I'm not even doing anything different, it's just disappearing! As of last week I am officially able to wear the jeans i wore my senior year in high school!! That was goal because those jeans are heaven. I have this lovely problem of no hips, so all jeans are miserable on me because I can not keep them up. Add a belt and it's attack of the muffin top (even when there was nothing there!). Well those jeans do not have that effect on me! They stay up without a belt, but ever since i bought those i have yet to see the brand again. So, I have an attachment to them, and luckily they still look brand new.

With this weight loss and depression gone I want to be around people! Finally after four years I want to leave the house all the time and have fun. But, sadly now I am around no one. If only this would have happened in NC! There i knew people, had friends, and the best neighbor ever. Sloan wants me to meet his friends' wives but that never goes well. They are always those snotty high maintenance wives with the nice clothes and expensive shoes. I'm cheap as can be with clothes, because I'd rather wear pjs than nice clothes. And my dollar flip flips are heaven thank you very much. So, yeah I'm better with the down to earth, save every penny, type people HA! Guess we will see how it goes though.

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