Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thrift store finds

There is a large thrift store down the street from my house that i love to go to. All proceeds go to the United Cerebral Palsy a wonderful non-profit organization that is dear to my heart since my sister has Cerebral Palsy. I donate everything we no longer need to them, I took a trunk full last week!, and I always find nice little treasures there. I thought I would share what I find, and then turn it into.

First thing i found was a large real wood frame for $3 (with military discount $2) I turned into a chalkboard for the kitchen with some left over stain and chalkboard paint I already had: (didn't notice till i was uploading the picture that i spelled decorative wrong! LOL)
I also found another smaller frame for $1 that i am turning into a small cork board for my little area, picture later though because the stain for some reason would not dry on it yesterday!

The last things i found I got for 50 cents each! They are ceramic Blue's Room wall hangings, Jase's favorite show, so i had to get them for his room! They were pretty dirty when i got them, but they cleaned up nicely

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