Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kitchen Changes & Vintage Finds

This was my wall since we moved into our house exactly 6 months ago:
Very blah nothing special and the photos constantly slanted, drove me crazy! So I got the idea to add a shelf to the wall to add something to it so it would not be so blah. I then went on a hunt for something coffee related but vintage, since my kitchen theme is my! At our towns adorable Antique store I found these little cuties telling me to take them home.

That coffee grinder is in insanely perfect condition, I don't think it was ever used, and I think it sparked a new addiction! (No Kendra you already collect cameras, you are good, no more collections!!!)

With those finds and a new shelf came this:

I wish I could have the table centered but then I can't easily get into the cabinets and my coffee, so it has to stay where it is. I love my wall though :)

I also found this awesome black vase, but I am unsure what to do with it at the moment. I put my knitting needles in it since I can't get rid of them and I am in hopes I think of a cute way to use it.


  1. Such a nice kitchen and the shelf does wonders! Looks a lot better!