Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Well Hello December

You came up quick didn't you? Where did this year go? On the 9th we will have lived in this house for 6 months, SIX! I still feel like we just moved in! Today though i decorated more of the house for Christmas, including my large living room window. Caroline helped me pick out window clings for it, and I hung Christmas lights around it. The little old lady across the street told me tonight while I was taking out my trash that she loved our window so I'm happy :) She also told me that we will most likely be the only ones on our street with Christmas! But no surprise, since we are the only non-senior citizens on our street, but that is why we love it here soooo much! We are old hearted and get along with them better than people our own age sometimes ha!

Tomorrow is craft day in the Diaz household, pine cone Christmas trees :) Can't wait to make them with the kids, but not looking forward to clean up...this mommy bought glitter! kids are going to either grow up loving art or hating it both because of all the arts and crafts we do!

Anyway have a wonderful December and have a crafty day!

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