Monday, January 17, 2011

365: Day 17

My swap is complete! Mailing tomorrow, and here is what my partner is getting. First though a bit about the swap and her, it's a Mel Brooks themed swap, and she loves Blazing Saddles. Her favorite character is Hedley Lamar, so I used quotes from him. Her favorite colors are the only colors I hate with a passion: purple, blue, and green. I can live with green but blue and purple...not my thing. But, it was fun using them since I would never buy them to make something for our house. So she is getting two bracelets, one with a quote "Where's my froggy?!" with a frog on it as well, wall art with another quote, and a glass vase for knitting needles or whatever (she knits) with again another quote. I also included some purple fabric and yarn :) I'll make sure to share what she sent for me once I get it.

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