Thursday, January 13, 2011


I was suppose to go swim Wednesday morning at 5:30 am, but the night before the nose piece to my goggles snapped. Didn't surprise me since i wore them my senior year of high school, but I was going to go buy some more Wednesday morning. Of course I forgot while I was out, but got the idea to turn them into swedish goggles, which are connected by a string (see below...I'm bored hush! (I hate those goggles by the way, they hurt))
Speedo Swedish Goggle 2-Pack Blue/MultiSo I told myself that since they were fixed I could swim this morning at 5:30, and I got up! Drove to the YMCA...which is now an apartment complex...ok. Tried to find the other one near my town, it also is an apartment complex...ok... Came home an hour later to Miss Caroline already awake, and drowsy Sloan telling me something about diapers (he works nights yet again). But while trying to stay awake on the couch I found a huge community center with a lap swim all day every day, get this, 10 minutes from the house. Dang it! So I did end up going to swim when Caroline napped at noon for 40 minutes, doing a total of 2000 yards.
The swim was awesome, as soon as i dove in I felt awesome! I didn't want to leave after 40, but I knew Caroline would wake soon and she freaks if I'm not there. I'm going to go Monday thru Friday though, because it was heaven! Oh and fun fact it's an outdoor pool, I swam in an outdoor pool in January :) It's in the 80's here, awesome!

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