Thursday, January 27, 2011

DIY Sewing Room Wall Decor (or kid craft)

Since my little area is getting gutted and re done with a computer area and sewing/craft area I was in the mood for some sewing decor. Problem is I'm cheap and didn't want to pay for some of the things I found. So I thought about what I had laying around in my craft area and came up with this super easy craft. Even if you don't craft you can do this or you can do this with your kids!

What you need: 
Canvas (any size)
Glue (I used a hot glue gun)

 Paint the canvas any color(s) you want. My area is mainly black, white, and grey so I went with those colors. Once dry place your buttons in a pattern you like, and then glue down. DONE!


  1. Thanks for ur comment on Thrift Collective! This blog is great! I love doing crafty things w/ my girlies, I'm gonna keep reading to get some great ideas!

  2. Ooh this is pretty!! You could do this with letters too and other embellished buttons. What was the total cost? I may have to do this for the girls' room and maybe our living room.

  3. Thank you Jeanette! That means alot to me!

    Shea it would probably be like $5 for each!
    Canvas ranges from $1 and up depending on size
    Paint you can get for a $1, buttons again $1 and up, glue you can also get cheap!
    So maybe even under $5 if you shop around! I already had everything so yay! haha