Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Maybe I really do suck!

So I am apart of a huge craft board, very fun, and one night i signed up for one of their many craft swaps. It's a Mel Brooks theme, I'm sucker for anything Mel Brooks, but it seems I suck at crafting. I'm trying to do somethings with quotes for the person I got but everything is turning out horrible! So I'm starting from scratch and the send out is WEDNESDAY! Not good! I have to get this done, but I'm drawing a blank now! I wanted to do a quote on fabric which i then covered a canvas with...iron transfers suck just so you know. Then I tried the same technique on a glass vase....nope looked like now what? I did make a bracelet with the same idea (minus the quote) and it's cute...but not enough! I need two more things....what to do! HELP!


  1. What about paint? Like painting the quote on canvas? I'm out of the crafting loop so I have n ideas. Maybe you're just in a crafting rut because you do not suck at it!

  2. Thank you! :) i found a tourtorial on how to print on fabric, so freak'n cool! So I'm going to try that, last resort is painting because my handwritting is...interesting haha