Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Goal

Last night while laying in bed with horrible knee pain I started thinking about a conversation I had with hubby yesterday. In September he will be running a marathon on base, and he gave me the idea of doing a triathlon, give me something to work for. So, last night I looked up triathlons in San Diego, turns out there are a ton! I found one though that is May 1st, but it is a Sprint triathlon, perfect! It starts in the bay for a swim of 200 meters, which is easy, then bike 6 miles which I'm kinds ify about the ease, and then run 1.5 miles which shouldn't be to bad for me by then but who knows.
However after finding this I then found an Aqua Terra which is the next weekend, it's a 1000 meter swim, again no big deal, and then a 2.5 mile run. Very tempted to do that one, but I am still debating on which I want to do. But my goal is to do one of those! I started running last week, and I only run on days Jase doesn't have school, which gives me 4 days of running. In the morning I am going to start going to the Y at 5:30 am to swim for 30 mins to an hour Monday through Thursday. I am just going to do those two things till Feb 1st then I will add in biking. I want to make sure I am committed to this before I go buy a bike, but as of right now I am loving running and want to go out and do it everyday! My knees don't agree though which is why I don't, and is why i was up last night till 3 am with pain. Swimming agrees with my knees much more, even though it is why they are injured, so I will easily be able to swim 4 days a week.

So that is my goal! Now to just stay motivated to do this!

*****I'm going to do the Aqua Terra I decided on May 7th, 1K swim 4K run. If I enjoy that then I will do the triathlon in either June, August, or September.

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