Thursday, January 20, 2011

Seven Years

Seven years ago I was starting the last semester of my Junior year in high school. I was already starting my nerdy journey in the world by being the only girl in two computer classes. My first class of the day was basically a blow off class for journalism students, which I was not. I had two best guy friends in that class who looked at me like I was a guy not a girl. A few days after starting the semester however we had a new guy come into our class, who is fully into journalism, and always had a camera with him. When my guy friends and I introduced our selves the new guy looked at us if we were the nerdiest bunch he ever saw. Soon though he warmed up to one of my "besties", and learned that all the years he spent hanging with the jocks he was almost lying to himself. He belonged to the nerd group, that loved computer games and joking around about nerd topics. He also became good friends with me, and before long asked me out on a date.

Taken the night of our first date at my friend's house
That year though I was going through a "phase" where I was choosing my friends over guys, and had been single that whole year. I told this guy that I would love to go out with him, but I however had plans with my friends to go to the movies. He agreed to just go along with us, an odd first date, but I loved that he didn't care. The date was more of a group hang out than a "real date", and I figured that would be last of that.

Sure enough I did not hear from this guy all weekend (there was a reason, which when I look back should have been a sign of trouble to come), and Monday in class was awkward. That night after swim practice I came home to a message on my machine (remember those days? lol) from the guy asking me to call him. That week we spent hours everyday talking, and that weekend one night he even told me he loved me. Over a year later I watched him leave for Marine boot camp, and wrote him a letter every single day he was gone. A year after that we were married, another year and we had Jase, two more years and Caroline came along. This year marks seven years of being together and five wonderful years of marriage. Although at one point we did a snag in our relationship before we were married, we still pushed forward. Proof that true love can come in high school, and it doesn't matter your age, when you meet the one you are meant to be know.

Boot camp graduation day
(As for the "trouble to come" my future mother-in-law didn't allow him to call me that weekend)
The day he left for bootcamp

Us now, still going strong