Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sugar Withdrawl?!

Did you know you can have a sugar withdrawal if you stop consuming it? I didn't! I knew sugar was considered a drug, but didn't think about withdrawal until yesterday.... In my "get healthy" resolution I chose to drop all sugar, I can easily say I am/was a sugar-aholic. I love it, it's awesome, and tastes sooo good in form of yummy a butterfinger...or snickers...or...I better stop! Anyway I dropped sugar pretty much cold turkey, except for my coffeemate in the morning, you will never get that away from me...EVER! I must have it and there is only a tiny bit in it so it does not affect me. Monday I didn't see any change, but yesterday was bad. I felt like death, and the best way to describe it is the worst flu ever, that all over ache feeling. All I wanted to do was lay down and sleep, I even went to bed at 9 pm! This morning though, my gosh did I feel great! I was full of energy, and still am! I feel very awake, and better than I have in a long time! Amazing what getting rid of something in your diet can do, and I can't wait to see what I feel like after a few weeks if I feel this great after two days!

I also started my couch to 5K app again yesterday, and walked for 30 mins around the block today. I push the kids in the stroller, and even attach the boys so they can get a workout. Reeses doesn't know it but he made a New Years resolution to loose 5-10 lbs. Dachshunds are skinny dogs, but he is not! He is even on diet dog food, he wasnt to happy when I poured that into his bowl though!

Hopefully all of us can keep this up! Fingers crossed!


  1. Oh yeah... I had that too. I gave in today and had a fudge round and a sprite but tomorrow I'm back on the wagon!! The caffeine headache was the worst one for me. The back of my head hurt so bad and like you, I just wanted to sleep. And since I'm nursing, Aurelia has slept a lot the past few days too. It's rough but I want to make myself better. I want to do the couch to 5k but it's cold here so it'd be hard for me to walk/run outside with the kids. I might when it gets warmer.

  2. That is why I only use raw sugar cane! You can still get your sugar fix, but it's healthier and not addicting like regular, white, filtered, refined sugar. Whenever I feel the need for sweets, I will make some mini cupcakes for myself, and the sugar cane used in them is plenty enough for me. Sugar is the absolute devil when it's not in its purest, rawest form!!

    Good for you for doing the C25K thing! That's great! =)

  3. Luckily no caffeine headache since I rarely drink coke anymore, just one cup of coffee in the morning. It's never cold here so I always get the chance haha Their cold is 50 degrees! You can't run with a newborn anyways, found that out when Caroline was an infant! If I remember correctly it's safe when they hit 5-6 months.

    I'm trying to stay away from all sugar for awhile then I'll try out the raw sugar :) I'm in hopes that my blood sugar problems will also go away if I do this! I thought I would pass out while doing this (I usually get that way when I go to long without eating/sugar and my levels drop to the 50s!!!) but I'm eating alot of fruit and that seems to help :)

    Maybe one day we will live be each other again and we can run marathons together ;) hehe