Tuesday, February 1, 2011

365: Day 30-31 Thrift store finds

I have been so busy re-doing my craft area that I slacked in the blogging and 365 areas. I am back though! So here are the two days that i missed (plus 2!), today's photo later, and I should be on here sometime to show y'all a new easy craft.

These photos show a sneak peak into my craft area, which i am not quite ready to show.

I got two of these tea cups for a $1 and I am going to make pincushions out of them

The front little bowl was a $1 and I got 4 of those cups for $2! Again for pincushins

I got two metal plates for $2 to hold my beads while I make things

And this server is my fav! $4! (Love my horrible huge pincushion? I messed up on it and thought "oh well!")

I also got some wonderful vintage crochet thread never used! The dates on it say 1963 & 1964, and they are in wonderful yellow and orange! Can't wait to crochet with them!

Have a crafty day!

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