Sunday, February 6, 2011

365: Day 37 - Who is behind this blog

I never show what I look like, I hate photos of me, but since Green Bay is in the super bowl I had to show my Green and Yellow pride! Now how exactly does a Texan become a Packer fan? Simple! My dad loves the Cowboys, always has "because a good Texas does" according to him. I grew up watching the Cowboys every time they were on, and one Monday night I watched them loose to the Packers. My dad always got upset when the Cowboys lost, still does today but not as bad, so I chose to become a Packer fan just to get on his nerves. Soon it became our thing, and we still enjoy watching them play each other. It's been 13 years since I became a Packer fan and I am still loving them. I even taught my kids to say Go Green Bay! And when they won their way to the super bowl I proudly let Jase call my dad just to say "Green Bay is going to the Super bowl!"

See my motivation board behind me? It's in the kitchen so I never forget!

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