Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Update

Seriously considering Vlogs because I'm tired of typing, and wouldn't you love to see what I am working on in person?! I digress though...

So if you have been watching my ticker, it's at the bottom of the page now, we are now less than 3 months away from the San Diego Aqua Terra. I am still swimming Monday - Friday, and running TThSa. But however I did not do either last week or during the weekend. What I thought was allergies turned into a horrible flu that I am still fighting. Luckily the kids have their shots so I was the only one sick. I still crafted when i felt like it. I have now crocheted a new thick wool scarf for my mom, a scarf for Jase is in the works ("If Grandmom has a scarf I have to have one too!"), and Miss Caroline got a new beanie. I have spun quite a bit of yarn, but no sewing has been going on. I mainly doing things I can do while relaxing on the couch. This flu has taken a lot out of me, and doing daily tasks are wearing me out. I am in hopes though that I can get back to my normal self soon.

I hope that you all stay healthy and warm since it seems the rest of the country is getting even more snow. Have a crafty day!

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