Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wet Felting: So easy a Toddler can do it

Yesterday I was in the mood to make my felt with the colorful roving I got off Etsy. After watching a video on YouTube on how to make it I realized it's so easy my kids can help! For my new followers my kids are 3 and 1, so if they can do it any age can do it!

What you need:
Wool roving at least 1/2 oz or more ($1.50 on Etsy or cheaper)
Bubble wrap ($5 or free if you have it like we did!)
Towel (free)
Tulle (the video says you need it, and we did use it because I had some but I thought it was easier without it myself)
Warm-to-hot water
Dishsoap (but go for a free and clear, we used Pamolive)
The video shows her using a dog brush to pull apart the wool, there is no need for this, just gently pull the roving and tuffs will come off. 

Total Cost: $1.50-$8 depending on what you need to get from the list

And here is our felt this morning after left out over night to dry!

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