Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm addic, I'm addicted to you!

Quick who sang that song?! Any guesses?

If you guessed Simple Plan you are correct! And you win...a blog post by me? *Boo!* Please no booing

Ok enough of my temporary insanity!
Sigh how I miss blogging and sharing my photos with people. But I'm to cheap to pay for more space. I've been busy anyway getting midterms done, and figuring out what I want to do after I graduate in 13 months! I am most likely going to go on and get my Masters in some sort of business. I would love marketing but only one school in Texas has that online, so I am also looking into getting my MBA. I of course have to see if I can even get accepted into an MBA program or the marketing one, it's not exactly the easiest thing, and sadly my GPA is not the best thanks to my slacking back in 2005 at Corpus Christi. To get into a program I must get a good score on the GMAT which means a summer full of studying for it. I'm still debating though on if I want to continue on or not. I need to figure out though because I'll need to take the GMAT in August and I want to put in a few months of studying for it.
Thoughts advice anything? All is needed

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