Sunday, April 10, 2011

Swap Meet Finds

This weekend we went to a swap meet, twice. I went alone on Saturday and hubby was so excited about my cheap finds that he wanted to go today...boy am I glad we did!
Yesterday I scored an awesome 1950s Kodak Duaflex for a $1! The outside needs some restoration (which I am almost done with) but the inside was perfect with a great bonus of a 620 spool. I also scored a Kodak slide carousel for $3 in mint condition

Bought for a $1 :)

Today with my hubby looking for me he found another $1 camera, 1950s Brownie Holiday Flash (needs restoration bad), and for a wonderful $20 a 1964 Kodak slide Projector! The projector is in 100% mint condition, we looked at the power cord and pretty sure it was never used. It came with a carousel too which is nice! We played with it for a bit when we got home :)

Before restoration

Mint condition 1964 projector

Mint condition 1964 projector

Want to see more detailed photos? Check out my Flickr

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