Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Texas Trip - Part 1

We are back from our two weeks in Texas, and it was a wonderful trip! The first week was un eventful but that weekend we got to send FOUR whole days kid free in San Antonio! Sloan is going to be gone for our 5th year anniversary so we chose that weekend to be our celebration. We stayed in a hotel that was originally built in the 1800's and there are only 13 rooms. It was an amazing hotel! I only wish we could have stayed longer, and that I would have taken more pictures!!!

Our room, each is named something different but all have something to do with San Antonio
Texas Trip 016

Every room has a betta in it
Texas Trip 014

Texas Trip 001

Texas Trip 002

Texas Trip 005

Yes I took pictures of our bathroom because it was that amazing!
Texas Trip 011

Texas Trip 013

Part of the riverwalk, we could see from our room
Texas Trip 010

More tomorrow!

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