Sunday, August 7, 2011

On a personal note

This is going to start with a warning of what is to come for me this fall.

I found out from my adviser a few weeks ago that if I took 6 classes (18 hours) for two semesters that I could graduate in May! YES! So I signed up for more classes, I already had 4, so what is two more? It's all business classes getting me ready for my MBA. Yes folks this girl is getting her MBA! I not only bulked up classes just to get done with my bachelors but I also was trying to be finished before Sloan deployed. Found out this morning though it was once again moved, because they chose another squadron to go. Yay! I think this is the fourth or fifth time they have moved their deploy date just this year! This last date was so much set in stone that we were already doing spouse classes and such, so we were in shock this morning when they changed it. With that it means I don't really have to rush but I already have it in my head that I am doing this! But on top of my 18 hours I also must begin studying for my GMAT, I have to take it in December to apply in January to get in for August 2012. So I have quite a bit on my plate for the fall, on top of raising toddlers, and Sloan being gone a lot. In fact he left this morning for a month actually.

I have, however, figured out how I am going to tackle this without killing my mind. I am going to work my butt off all week with school and studying for the GMAT, but on Saturdays I am going to do nothing. No cleaning, studying, nothing! Probably going to put in my knitting, crocheting, and spinning then so I can have some creative time though.

Some of you may be thinking why on earth I am studying for three months for the GMAT, it is because I want an awesome score. I want schools to want me no questions asked. The good thing about the schools I am looking into they pretty much add up your GPA and GMAT into a score, and that says if you are in or not. My GPA is a 3.5 so no worries there, but I still want to say I did great on that test. The only school I am looking into that doesn't just add up numbers is actually the one I am going to now (West Texas A&M). I would love to have my Masters from there, but they truly look into you for admissions. I look great on paper except one thing, no work experience! I am going from bachelors to masters, no working in between, and they like work experience. Nothing I can change about that, but I can keep my fingers crossed for them.

So this fall I will probably rarely be online, I may even put the shop in vacation mode because this is going to take a lot of my time. I love it though because I am going crazy with no school! Three more weeks though, I better enjoy the boredom!

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