Sunday, September 25, 2011

Silk Scarf Painting

Yesterday I took a silk scarf painting class at an adult school in a suburb near ours. It was so much fun! Mainly because I was the youngest by 40-50 years. I don't do very well with people my age, they judge way to much, but with older ladies you can be yourself because no matter what they will never judge. One lady was cracking me up because she was 90 years old and talking about awesome YouTube was! "I use it learn things an old lady my age should know like knitting" haha They all gave me tips on where to find cheap art supplies in San Diego, including a college campus near where I live! One lady even told me it's a great place to get her addiction, E6000. HA! I can not wait for the spring semester to start there so that I can take more classes!

The scarf I made, orange, red and yellow...of course! I also drew a hummingbird and flower on one end but it bled so bad that I didn't even want to show it. We all had issues with the markers bleeding, but oh well. (My lizard decided he would wear it in our entry hall, and I think it's a nice fit next to our neon orange mirror)

silk scarf painting

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