Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pregnancy Update & More

I realized that I never wrote about my appointment last week. I'm finally caught up on my weight which is good. I lost a total of 15 lbs when I was really sick and I was told I had to gain it back. Gotta love hearing that! haha So I'm finally back to my pre pregnancy weight, although I feel like I'm a huge cow! Probably because I am much bigger than I was with Jase, I think Miss Caroline is going to be bigger than he was, who knows. My body is also telling me that she is bigger because my pelvis is having a very hard time holding up all that weight. I am in pain 24/7, and everything is miserable. It's slowly getting worse and I still have three months left....UGH! I spend alot of time sitting which i hate! I'm a clean freak so I want to clean all the time! Poor Jase is going through the "hold me!" stage and it's unbearable to hold him for long periods of time. I do sit on the floor with him majority of the day so it's not as if he is getting zero attention, I just can't walk around the house with him because that is WAY to much weight! I told all this to my OB and she told me to get a pregnancy support belt, keep spending alot of my time laying down or sitting, and try yoga but only if it doesn't hurt. She said she is giving me until June 11th (my next appointment) and if I'm not doing any better....I'm on bed rest. Support belts don't exist in this crap town, so I'm still waiting for the one i ordered online to get in. Yoga...made me cry...and i already do practically nothing all day! Yet I'm still hurting! The reason she wants me on bed rest is because I am doing damage to my joints. Also walking is a nightmare for me, and very dangerous. My hips can give at any time and if I'm not holding onto something I fall...yeah not good! I'm use to my knees giving because of swimming injuries but I can always catch myself when they go because I feel it (thanks to dealing with that for 6 years). I don't feel my hips though, which is scary. I don't want to be holding Jase when they give, which luckily they haven't yet, or fall onto my stomach. But me on bed rest? That would not be pretty! I would go insane! Plus how on earth would I handle Jase?! He's a hyperactive toddler! I really hope it does not come to that!

Oh a good note Caroline is doing great, kicking the crap out of me. She throws a fit anytime Jase is loud...which is all day so yeah fun times for mommy! She's very calm compared to Jase though, I can only hope she will be that way when she's born! If she is...wow she is going to be 100% easy compared to Jase!

Saturday is the big day for Sesame Street Live, we have to drive 3 1/2 hours for it but I know it will be worth it. I got us 4th row right stage so hopefully they will be good seats and Jase will be able to see everything. It's going to be interesting trying to get that boy to sit still while we are waiting for it start though. Since I am sure he will sleep majority of the way there since long rides make him act like we are going to Texas. So lots of sleep = HYPER! Hyper will be fine during the show since it's Elmo Makes Music, his two favorite things in one. Hopefully he will be super shy like normal and just hide from everyone. haha He's such a cutie.

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