Saturday, May 16, 2009

Air Show Trip

We drove all the way to MCAS Cherry Point for the "best air show", it's about an hour and half away from us. Very odd base, odd town too. The weather was pretty nice, except for the rain, luckily it didn't rain that much on us. We were there for 3 hours and saw maybe 6 different planes fly, they took forever! It became boring fast so we left early. I have to say they did have alot of displays which were neat but come on the damn planes don't have to fly that long! Last year's air show that was here they rushed them it seemed and we liked that! Jase of course just loves going period. He loves to just sit there and watch the planes intently. I was so proud of how he acted, he was on his best behavior, and we didn't even see the "terrible twos" appear today. WOOHOO! Caroline on the other hand was not fond of the loud noises coming from outside my belly. She threw a fit anytime it got loud, which of course hurt! And of course I got sunburned, shocker! Jase and Sloan got darker and I'm jealous! haha I hate being a redhead! Of course Jase has my hair color but can tan like Sloan, not fair! haha He's darker than me now! Oh well :) Our trip ended with a stop of Schlotzsky's deli, oh how I have mixed it! I wish they had one here in town, such crap they don't!

Next Saturday we are traveling 3 hours to go see Sesame Street Live! I can't wait to take Jase he is going to freak when he sees Elmo! It is going to be alot of fun, I'm so glad we are taking him!!

Here a few pics from today, enjoy :) Jase the little stinker wouldn't keep his sunglasses on!

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