Sunday, May 24, 2009

Science, Animals, and Monsters

We had a very fun day in Greensboro yesterday despite the directions being extremely wrong that I got online. Going to Greensboro is simple, same highway the whole way pretty much, but the directions online were so wrong, the exit number was 100 exits off! Luckily we had bought a North Carolina map that had a map of Greensboro on it, but that town is sooo screwy! I'm glad Sloan is awesome with maps because luckily we found the Natural Science Museum after a short time. We loved that museum it was a very neat place and of course Jase loves that sort of thing! We were there for two hours, kinda had to rush to get to Sesame Street, but we most likely are going to go back one day because they are adding on to it, plus we loved it.
After the museum we got lost yet again trying to find where we were going to see Sesame Street. Stupid town! The street we needed to turn onto, didn't have a sign, thanks! Luckily we found it and got there 20 mins before the show started. The people that sell stuff there are scam artists, BIG TIME! We didn't have a chance to get lunch so we got popcorn there with drinks. A simple 20oz water...$4! You have got to be kidding me! Our tiny deal of popcorn....$4, which we basicly let Jase eat because i knew he had to be hungry. Once the show started we could tell Jase was in shock that his favorite show was real life, kinda scared him but he after a minute he loved it. He didn't love that a few of the characters came down to him, I hated that too, I hate anyone dressed up like that always have! He did awesome during the show though, even though he was very tired, nothing a paci didn't solve though. The show was great, alittle long but great. We are already planning to take both kids next year, even though Caroline wont know what is going on most likely.

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