Monday, June 1, 2009

Finally it's June!

June is finally here woohoo! Tomorrow I get my early B-day present....THE SIMS 3! YES! I have been waiting for that game to come out for what seems like a lifetime! I can not wait for it to get here tomorrow, hopefully it will come before nap time so I can play it hehe Jase hates for me to be on the laptop so thats a no go if he's up. I'm pretty sure I am going to stay up late playing it because once I start playing the sims I loose all track of time. Hey something to do when Caroline gets here, since I'll be up all hours of the night with her if she's like Jase haha

June is big a birthday month for us. The 10th is mine, the 16th is Sloan's, and the 24th is my mom's. Sloan already got me something when he went to play hockey in Wilmington the other day. I already know it's jewelry because I saw it on the account haha Can't be sneaky with a joint account! I need to figure out what to get him. I would love to get him a Dallas Stars hockey jersey but they don't have his size. He's so tiny nothing fits him normally. I guess I will try to hunt down some hockey stuff for him...just not sure what.... I need to figure out what type of craft project Jase is going to do for him for Fathers day too.

June also means...two more months till Miss Caroline is here, yikes! We are pretty much ready just need a new bouncy seat and bassinet. Hopefully we can get moved into base housing before I have her, but we are still pretty far down on the list. We did jump 40 spots the other day so maybe thats a sign! haha I can only hope.

By the way...does anyone read this?!

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  1. I read it!!! It just doesn't come up on my list for some unknown reason. I forgot your birthday's were this month too. Tomorrow's Jordan's. I hope you guys get your house soon!!!