Monday, June 8, 2009

Grow up, I'm sick of your shit!

I need to vent! Thank goodness for blogger!

If someone was calling your child a name that you did not like, you would tell them right? Now we are talking about a name that would/could confuse them...example "Daddy". Majority of people who were mature would most likely stop saying it, no questions asked. I mean it is your child not theirs. They wouldn't keep calling them "daddy" and then get pissed throwing a tantrum like a 2 year old. This is what I have to deal with. A grown woman calling my son "daddy" when Sloan and i have both said for them to stop. I say something about it again and the person hears me. So what does this fully grown woman do? Try to throw a guilt trip our way like it's really going to both us. But, I of course am the horrible one, the bitch you hate. Excuse me for pushing a person away that has made it loud and clear they hate me, they want me gone from Sloan's life and are only Jase's _______ when it is convenient for them. Example: not showing up to his FIRST birthday party because I wouldn't change the time just for you. You act as if I am the one pushing you away, that I am the one taking Sloan and Jase from you, when in reality...its you! You are busy with your boyfriends that you don't even have time for your own kids! Yeah they tell us that you are never there, we know what goes on in your house, so don't say that I am the one pushing you away. That I listen to your conversations with Sloan, it is not my fault that he is always sitting by me when you call. What am i suppose to do, leave my own house so you can talk about me in silence? Guess what the only reason I hear your conversation if because he sets down the phone and walks away! See it's not me causing the problems, its the fact that he finally sees you for the real you. A selfish bitch! Shouldn't have said you hated the person Sloan married, loves, and is spending the rest of his life with. I know you are praying that we get a divorce, but why on earth would we do that when we are happy?!

I'm sick of your shit, learn manners, grow the hell up and act your age. You think calling and saying "I'm not going to call anymore" really hurts either of us, but we are happy that we don't have to deal with your shit! We all know you will call again in a few days though, because you are like a cockroach...

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