Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy 22nd B-Day to..ME!

Today didn't feel like my birthday at all, for one thing it didn't rain and it has rained on my birthday for as long as I can remember haha It did rain the night before maybe that counts?

The day started out great, got to sleep in till 8 am best present Jase could give me haha Sloan told me to stay in bed but my pelvis was hurting so bad I had to get up. Sloan gave me his presents as soon as I walked into the living room, he couldn't wait, it was so cute! He gave me a beautiful white gold necklace and ring with my real birthstone and diamonds on them. I love them! The ring looks alittle odd on me right now since my hands are swollen from pregnancy but thats ok :) I was just happy he remembered that I wear a size 3! Thats a very uncommon ring size! But I love my necklace and ring to death! (Pictures are on my myspace).

This afternoon we went swimming so i could get the weight of Caroline off my pelvis. Jase of course had a blast, he's going to be our swimmer YES! I swam a couple of laps while Sloan was playing with him but had to stop because people were staring at me. It made me feel weird, i mean come on have you never seen a person do perfect strokes?! Look away! I guess that shocked them I can swim all the strokes prefect, not trying to brag I have just been told by many coaches that I have great strokes and turns. I was even asked to swim for a college my senior year but by that time I was burnt out after ten years of swimming. But I digress....

After we swam we ate at Fudruckers (I'm always craving cheeseburgers!), came home, Jase passed out in bed without a fight yay!, and here I sit. So I had a pretty great day. No tantrums from Jase, Sloan was more of a sweetheart than usually, and I got to just spend the day with my boys :)

Tuesday is Sloan's birthday, gotta think of what i am going to give him! AH!

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