Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let the worrying begin

I haven't been on much because my laptop died on me, tried taking it on base and the moron didn't know how to fix it. I even asked if he could get me the part so I could fix it since I know how, and he said he doesn't know how to get it...are you kidding me? I think all he can do is get viruses off for an insane amount of money. I don't get why computer repair shops charge so much for that when it's very simple to do, but whatever. So it's on it's way to Texas for my dad to fix for free since he has the part.

So in about 6-8 weeks...Caroline will be here most likely yikes! We are basicly set except we need a few things. I need to get new bottles, pacifiers, a bassinet (it's horrible not to have one when you have a c-section!), and a new bouncy seat. So not to bad. I love the bassinet I'm getting because its basicly a mini pack and play except you can lower the side that is by the bed...if that makes sense! I wish I would have had one for Jase, but his reflux was so bad he most likely would not have been able to sleep in it anyways. Hopefully Caroline wont have that problem and have to sleep in the bouncy seat like he did.

I'm starting to worry because my OB doesnt schedule c-sections until 40-42 weeks, thats September for me! She may stay in and bake or she may not. It would suck to go into labor before my c-section because I don't feel contractions until I'm 6-7 cm! Thats almost done! So it would be a race against time basicly to get her out the only way babies fit with me, through the stomach. This would cause a big problem with us because if I don't have one of my parents here then I'm going to be in the OR alone. Sloan will have to watch Jase in the waiting room, since Jase can't be left alone with anyone other my parents and Sloan. Jase doesn't do well with anyone else and I don't blame him. He's extremely shy like me so I fully understand what he goes through around people he doesn't really know. I am almost tempted to switch OBs just for the reason of my c-section being late. I refuse to go on base because they don't allow kids at the appointments, thats the whole reason I stopped going after one appointment. I don't know what to do... I have an appointment on Thursday and I'm going to talk to my OB again about what is going on. If they wont schedule one for at least 38 weeks....I truely do not know what I am going to do...I worry about Jase first then me, Caroline will be fine after 37 weeks anyways so I'm not worried about her... why do we have to live so far away from my family..sigh

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