Friday, June 26, 2009

And then there were two

Sloan is now down to different job choices for when he reenlists in October. With both we are moving to California, thank goodness! One is staying with the Ospreys and moving with them in October to California. So we will have waited for base housing here for nothing but whatever I'll be out of this crappy state! The other is MARSOC, which is Marine Corps special operations, they really want him because on paper he "looks like a god" this is seriously what they told him. With that one we will move this time next year to California since training for it is here. In fact he would start training in September for it...great timing huh. With both he will be a Staff Sargeant by August of next year, which is awesome for a 5 year Marine!

I personally do not care what he picks as long as he is happy doing it. He is the one that works so he needs to be happy with what he is doing. With MARSOC he will be gone alot but we have a very strong marriage and I know we will be fine. Plus if he is gone and I want to go home it wont take me three days to get there since we are from West Texas! It takes us just a day to get across Texas when we go home, people from small states don't get that it seems.

We shall see what he picks since he is still debating on what he wants to do. No matter what I'm always going to be right here by his side.

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