Thursday, July 9, 2009

And our future is planned

California here we come! Sloan is going to stay with the Ospreys but move with them in April/May. We are waiting until then because he is on the list for Jump School which starts around that time. Plus a bunch of his friends go then and in October the assholes are going. Don't blame him for wanting to wait! Once he has done Jump School he's going to get his wings so he can fly the Ospreys, what he's always wanted to do. I know he wanted to join MARSOC bad but it was just really bad timing. So next reenlistment thats what he is going to do. Our kids will be older and in school so it wont be to hard on us. I was fine with him doing it now and he knows that but it's nice that he is waiting.

I do have to brag about him though. Yesterday the new CO (the guy over the whole squadren) talked about Sloan in his speech. He said he was an outstanding Marine and that other Marines should look up to him. I'm so proud of him!

Since he now knows what he is doing he can put in all his paperwork for reenlistment. Can't wait to get pictures of that! Oh and the $50,000 bonus will be nice too :) Not doing anything with it though except getting Sloan a new truck with a backseat, the rest is going into savings. We are getting me a Pontiac Vibe once we get taxes in Jan since they are going to take part of the bonus for taxes we will get it back then. I'm not getting rid of my car though, it's paid off why would I? Plus since Pontiac is no more, it's going to be a classic one day. Ok really I'm just to attached to it! I love that car! I've never once had trouble with it and I just can't bare to part with it. Sad I know!

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