Thursday, July 16, 2009

UPS Driver = dumbass!

My laptop died on me a few weeks ago, so I sent it to my dad so he could fix it. He mailed it to me last Tuesday, I have been home every single afternoon waiting for UPS so he wouldn't leave it on the doorstep. Monday came and went, Tuesday still nothing...yesterday..."Ok it has to be lost". We live on Cedar Creek Dr, and just down the road from us is Cedar Court. If you don't put DRIVE with our address it goes to Cedar Court, this has happened to us before. The people that live there are very dishonest and take the package. We know this because my mom bought Jase a bunch of books last year and the company didn't put drive so those people signed for it. We never saw them but the company refunded my mom and sent replacements. Here we are again with the same problem. The UPS store didn't put drive so on Friday the 10th my laptop with my personal information on it was delievered to that house. They have had it since FRIDAY! I have spent the whole morning shuting down every bank account, paypal, e-mail, and anything else I can think of that has personal info on it. I stupidly saved passwords on that laptop, where it will sign in by its self, so there is no telling what they have gotten into since they have had it for 6 days already. I cried forever this morning on the phone with one of the top people at UPS. But they are pressing charges against the people that signed for the package because it's thieft. So they will soon be arrested and the driver most likely is getting fired. They are also giving us $500 since that is what my dad had insured it for. The lady at UPS even told me that if the people that took it use any of my personal information that I should sue UPS. Pretty sad when someone that works for them tells a customer that. We are almost positive that we will never see the laptop again, because there is no telling what they did with it. Hopefully they just kept it so I'll see it again.... How could someone be dishonest like that? We are NEVER using UPS again I don't care if I do have to pay extra to ship through the post office at least it gets there.


  1. I would check all the pawn shops in case they pawned it for money. I really hope none of your information got stolen. But hopefully the just kept it and you'll get it back.

  2. We use UPS at my work and have a TON of claims all the time. I LOVE FedEx. They are awesome and when we used to have them I hardly ever had to file a claim with them. I don't like the post office either though since they hardly ever pay on their claims. I am so sorry that happened I hope you get your laptop back.