Saturday, July 18, 2009

The end to this ordeal...for now...

Yesterday I got fed up with dealing with UPS, they were not helping and the people that mistakenly got my laptop had it for a full 7 days. I called the police to see what could be done, forgetting we don't live in city limits, I was switched to the sheriffs office where I was told this has never happened with them. The officer I spoke to said they would call me back in a few, but instead they showed up at our house. I explained again what had happened and he went over to the house to see if he could get it back. The guy that got it said he never opened it and gave it to the UPS driver that morning. He also said that he couldn't read my address on it because it was marked out or he would have "taken to me". I called our UPS where they said they did have it and I could pick it up that night at their warehouse. We went to go get it, finally I get to the box I felt relieved! That feeling only lasted a few seconds though.

Sloan asked for a supervisor to watch us open it because you could tell someone did. My parents are insane with tape so it was really noticeable that it was opened. We open it up to find the laptop to just laying in there, something my dad would NEVER do, and a letter from the people that had it. I read the letter and was filled with rage.

It said basicly "Kendra, here is your laptop my girl got on it and deleted a few things but I tried to restore it back so that they are back. If you lost files I'm sorry but you should at least be happy to have it back".

I let the supervisor read it and get a copy for their records while I turn on the laptop. I turn it on to see everything gone. The only thing on here was Windows Vista, they had completely wiped it clean. All of Jase's pictures....gone. Sloan immediately called the sheriffs office while the supervisor gave us all her information and wrote a letter saying she watched us open it to see the letter sitting in there. And we noticed that all over the box was my address clear as day!! We rushed home to meet the sheriff and we are pressing charges against the people that got the laptop. What they did is a felony, and they will get it 2-10 years in jail. I can not wait to see them go to jail for this. The sheriff even told us that we can sue them for deleting everything off the laptop. We already have an appointment with base legal Monday morning so we are going to look into this as well.

What type of idiot thinks you are not going to miss your laptop? There was even a letter in there from my DAD! Wouldn't you think the person would notice their laptop from their dad was gone?! And to put a letter in there saying you deleted things?! Idiots! I feel so violated from all this and I don't even feel like this laptop is mine anymore. I'm trying my best to get it back to the way it was, they really messed it up, but I'm tempted to just sell it once all of this is over. It's just creepy to think that those people know what my family looks like and where we live. It scares me! If they are dishonest enough to do this no telling what else they will do.

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