Friday, August 7, 2009

Re Enlistment and Cali

This morning Jase was sleeping in, which was awesome because i could not for the life me stay asleep last night. I've been having contractions off and on for almost 3 days, they have made me extremely sore! Good thing I don't have to push this girl out because I don't think I could do it being this sore all ready! Sloan swears I'm not going to make it till the 20th, and I'm truely starting to think the same thing. But I digress...

I got a call from one of Sloan's Gunnys this morning, who oddly called me "Mrs Sgt Diaz", never have I been called Sloan's rank like was odd! Everyone up there usually just calls me Mrs D, because Sloan is D....why? idea haha He's always been D. Well his Gunny said the lovely female Marine in charge of doing the re enlistment paper work didn't do her job so he was suppose to re enlist WEEKS AGO! Ugh! So Tuesday he is on the list for re enlistments, they have to do 9 a day next week to get caught up. What an idiot! I mean come on do your dang job! Hopefully I can make it till Tuesday or at least go into labor tonight so I can be out Monday haha So, in a few days/weeks, not really sure which, Sloan gets his awesome re enlistment bonus. Woohoo! His Gunny also said that I'm getting an award for something, but didn't say what. Made me feel special :)

We also got good news that Oct 1st we say goodbye to NC for good, and say hello to Cali! It might be alittle sooner though, we are not sure, but we are excited! The kids and I are leaving the week before Sloan leaves though since he only gets 10 days to move. We are moving ourselves, we don't trust TMO, so my dad is going to drive the UHAUL to Texas behind me and the! It's going to take us a lifetime because I'll have to stop constantly to feed Caroline since she will be maybe a month old. Which is why we are leaving earlier! When Sloan leaves he'll drive to Texas stay for a few days then off we go to Cali which is only 12 hours away from our hometown! YEESSSSS!!!!

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