Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anniversary and Re Enlistment

Yesterday was Sloan and I's 3 year wedding anniversary, crazy how time flew by so quickly. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband and an awesome father to our kids. I couldn't ask for anyone better than him. For our special day we went out to eat at Tony's Seafood, soooo much better than Red Lobster if you are willing to pay the price. We had a great dinner, and Jase of course flirted with the waitress so free entertainment too!

This morning Sloan re enlisted for another 5 years, I can not believe that it's already re enlistment time for him. I still remember the day he left for boot camp and the day he graduated like it was just yesterday. I love hearing from all the higher up Marines how awesome he is, makes me so proud! They always tell me that I'm an amazing person because he always tells them how i support everything he does 100%. Makes me feel good to hear that but why wouldn't i support him?! While the LtCol was talking to me in front of everyone though I had the worst contraction. I tried to hide it the best I could but by the weird looks i was getting I wasn't doing a very good job! Oh well! (Pictures on Facebook)

While listening to the SSgt that was going over his paperwork,, it sounds like instead of moving to Cali in Oct that it will be April. Which would mean that he is getting the unit he wanted in the first place which would be awesome. Plus I wouldn't be packing with a newborn! He's going to find out what is going on with that, so we shall see. No matter what though we are going to Cali we just don't know if it's Oct or April.

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