Sunday, August 30, 2009

Updating about us

Sloan did get switched to a different unit so we are moving in April but he said he can take 45 days leave max to move, so of course he is. I'm fine with moving then, although we were excited about getting out of here in a few weeks. It will be better for us though because Caroline will be older and it gives us more time to find a place to live. We might look into base housing but supposedly Miramar housing waiting is really long. We will see!

Caroline is already over a week old but it feels like she's always been here. We got extremely lucky with her, she is our easy baby! I love Jase to death but he was a hard baby. I was always tired with him, waking up every 30 mins to an hour with him every night for four months. With Caroline she wakes up at the most twice a night and was on Jase's schedule the second day we were home. It's crazy how their schedules are the exact same.

She's starting to show some fat on her which is good because she was skin and bones when she was born! She's wearing premmie clothes and diapers still, most likely will be for awhile since they are big on her. Jase does awesome with her, always wanting to feed her and give her a paci even though she's not a fan of the paci. He loves to give her kisses and rub her head, it's adorable! I was so worried that he was going to take it hard since him and change don't mix. But, he's doing awesome!

Hm...what else?!

Sloan got a new H3, finally the truck is gone! We love the H3, and can't wait to take it to Texas. We will have so much more room than my car. We mainly love the fact that we no longer have car payments at all. My car was paid off two years ago and we paid for H3 with some of his re enlistment, Thank you Marine Corps! :) I need to take pictures of it, it's so pretty, but don't want to seem like I'm bragging!

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  1. Congrats on the new car!! It's not bragging, he earned it! And I think that girls are so much more laid back than boys and she is just an absolute doll.