Monday, September 7, 2009

Training Squadrens SUCK!

I didn't use to mind that Sloan was part of a training squadren, I mean heck he doesn't deploy which is great, but at a training squadren no one is married! Sloan has been there for 4 years now, out of every single person there only him and a friend of his have been there that long. They are only suppose to be there for 6 months and then move down the road to another one. Every one he works with is a Lance or a below and are not married. I love his friends but sometimes i just need a female to talk to. I also would love for someone to have kids Jase's age or a bit older since he thinks he is 6! He shows me every single time we take him to the park that he needs someone to play with. It breaks my heart that he doesn't have another little boy to play cars with. Sloan wants me to be friends with the people we share the duplex with, and they are nice but they act weird around us because Sloan is a Sgt. (Yes they have said thats why) The husband is only a PFC and he's ground side so he's not use to hanging out with upper ranks. Again I do not understand this because Sloan is friends with his Sgt Major (wayyyy up in the ranks for my civilian friends). He's been to our house numerous times, along with pretty much every Gunny he has ever had.

Sometimes i just wish that we were back home just because I would have my friends and their kids. Jase would always have someone to play with since a few of my friends have kids Jase's age. I wish I wasn't so shy then maybe I would make friends here and Cali. I've been around just Sloan for so many years that it actually scares me to death to talk to people...thats just sad! Hopefully I will get over it one day...

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