Thursday, September 10, 2009

Infant Dermographism

As y'all know last year I was diagnosed with dermographism or "skin writing". It's miserable but luckily mine is under control with Zrytec. I had symptoms of it my whole life, but didn't know it until last year it became worse than ever. It is so bad that if i don't take Zrytec one day I break out from my clothes, walking, and even laying down. I worried that my kids would have it but Jase has never shown a sign that he has. Caroline though has now shown me that she has it.

I've been watching her since day one when I noticed that changing her diaper and clothes made her red. I kept mittens on her so that she wouldn't scratch because once you get a hive it's a nightmare. I've kept her nails really short as well but today I had to wash her mittens and sure enough she scratched herself. And there it was as clear as day...a hive where she scratched. "Skin writing" hives are not normal hives, they are not round but straight. You can test for it by making a letter or word on your skin and it will appear as a hive. So, I wrote a "C" on her arm only for it seconds later to appear as hives...sigh... I called her pedi, they let me talk to a nurse who said she can't be on anything right now so we have to wait till she is older. This is going to be miserable for her! I am just hoping that she doesn't have it as bad as me.


  1. Hi Kendra,

    Hope you are doing fine, sorry to know that you too have this. I've been living with this for more than 5 years now and felt really bad at your condition, I don't know if you were praying for this but I got some good news, I can help ya contain this and may be overcome completely in 6 months or so.

    Now the reason you might have or we all might have got it is due to some antibiotic that you would have taken, I know I don't rem either but somewhere there's a link and hence I wanna warn you be care full with your kids cause they might get it too, ask the doctor twice and tell them your condition, which is due to some wrong medication.

    That was the cause..., what actually triggers it is food yup you will have to go on a diet a strict one.... then you need to clean your wardrobe yup its gotta be cotton or nothin else, naah I'm juss kidding I'll tell ya all about it as I've helped many more around the globe....juss let me know if you want to know cause its a lot of information and I would like to know your eating habits, past medical history, about your life and that's it we will be on our way to cure soon.

    Email me about your interest at