Friday, May 28, 2010

The New ME!

It was time for a change for me, I have looked the same since...well..I was 14 probably! (Minus the lovely baby fat and loose skin from the kids of course!!!)  I have been working hard on loosing the weight and I'm doing good. But yesterday was my big change! I cut off all my hair! I have not had hair shorter than shoulder length for at least 15 years so this was huge for me. I am donating 14" to Locks of Love and 2" more got cut off...who knew I had that long of hair!!! Although it's hard to get the hang of keeping my horrible wavy/curly/frizzy hair tame when it's short I do love the short hair. I straightened it in 5 mins yippee!! Now thats awesome for a mom with 2 babies! :) Plus I feel better about myself too which helps!


  1. Where are the pictures?? I'll go stalk your facebook lol

  2. yay! it is always fun to change things up! Good for you!