Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crafty Momma

I have always loved art and crafts, I took art classes every summer from when I was 4 to 11, then in high school, and have always done little crafts here and there. I introduced art to my kids both when they were 8 months old, allowing them to fingerpaint. Now Jase paints with a brush perfectly and Caroline loves to paint me pictures then show them off. We even do small crafts with random things I fiind for a $1 or less, I love to just sit and look at things like buttons and pipecleaners trying to figure out what babies can make with it. Our latest adventure with them will be bugs, and I'm sure Jase will attempt to make a spider!

As for crafts I am making at this moment, I'm always making bows and headbands for Caroline, but this week I am starting something new. If you are into Zombies as much as my husband is you have seen the gun in a case with the words "In case of Zombies: break glass". Well I am making that for him to put over his desk, and he told me last night he wants another one for his desk at work (he is now the top man charge so he's proud to have his own desk, even though he never sits at it because he always wants to work....but i digress). No a real gun is not going into, it will be a toy shot gun, but you will just have to wait for the pictures. :)

So what crafts are you doing lately my 7 followers?


  1. That sounds so cool!! How will you be doing it?

    I've been looking for some more crafts for me and Rosslyn to do. She likes finger paint but it's so messy and I think she'd create a bigger mess with water colors. She likes play-doh too but I've been wanting something different. So I have no ideas.

    I've been working on felt headbands but I've kind of hit a wall. I have no space to work and every time I try to, Rosslyn has to be right in my lap and I wish I had more colors of felt but there are only like 5 colors at walmart.

  2. I'm going to play with it first to see how we will do it, but I will post pictures for you so you can do it with Rosslyn!

    I found some felt for you on Etsy, it's $1 too![]=tags&includes[]=title
    The seller has tons! I hope that will help ya :) Maybe you can work on headbands while you get Rosslyn to do crafts, I'll give you some more ideas as I think of them :)

  3. That link is insane long so if that doesnt work try this one: