Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Running = No Go!

Last week I started doing the Couch to 5k, and i was loving it! Thursday night though I felt my knee pop and it gave sending me to the ground. I got up and kept going but the pain has slowly been growing since that day even though I stopped running due to the all the rain. The pain is the exact same as when I first hurt my knee in swimming 8 years ago. I never let it rest, that wasn't an option then, so it never healed and has since caused pain. But, with the running I seemed to have re-hurt it I guess. I went and ran again last night with extreme pain, but I am determined to loose the last of my weight. Slowly it got worse, and I couldn't barely walk into the house. So I got to wake up to what I woke up to a ton in high school...swollen, stiff, intense pain knee...sigh... Going to rest it for a few days and try to figure out a low impact workout I can do in the house. I wish I could go swim but it's to far and no one to watch the kids, daycare is out of the question I don't trust people.

So if you have an idea for a low impact workout let me know :) I've already lost 1" so not much more to go!


  1. Kendra.. I have two bad knees (one is from accident - was in a body cast for a year and has pins, the other is from favoring the it since the other leg was always shorter). I have been told and followed through that the best way to help joints is to strenthen your muscles. Weightlifting.. so I worked really hard to build muscles..I did squats and lunges... and did low-impact aerobics - biking until I got my legs strong and could handle high impact. I am now running almost everyday and I sometimes have knees problem but usually I don't.. Google it.. strengthing legs muscles to avoid knee pain. It really works! I ran my first 5K last week and was in the top 15%.. I also have lost 8% body fat since Jan.. YOu can do it just take it slow at first!

  2. Thanks!!! I was taking it slow so I was in shock when I hurt my knee, which is still killing me! I cant do anything with it, it's annoying!