Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bow Kits

When we left North Carolina I closed down Bowtiful Tutus, because i knew i would be to busy to keep up with it. All my customers where there in NC anyways, and they were all in their 60s making those real creepy dolls. Most did not want to pay shipping from Cali, which I understood, so I closed after selling them all my pre-mades. I still ship to one once a month, but I have so much bow stuff that i don't use that I think it is time to clear it out.

So here is what I am going to do. Sell kits including everything needed to make a few simple bows. They will include:
10 feet total of different types of ribbon (colors, designs, size)

5 alligator clips

5 large snap clips

5 small snap clips

a couple of rhinestone accents (probably 5-10)

All for $5!
So if you know anyone that would like this, let them know! I am going to start listing them online soon!

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