Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm in a Bon Jovi video!

I was looking at Bon Jovi vinyls on E-Bay and found my all time favorites of theirs! I bought all of them of course! haha Then it put me in the mood to listen to them on Youtube (Caroline hid the IPod...sigh). As I was listening to it I remembered that in April when Sloan and I went to their concert they said that they were recording for their new video "When we were beautiful". So I looked it up and sure enough our section is in it! The first time they show a far of view of the audience if you look at the top right by the stairs you see a guy in a red shirt walking toward the stairs he was sitting right by us! SERIOUSLY! So even though we are tiny spots on a video at least we can say we were in a Bon Jovi video right?! And they are my all time favorite band! :) Sigh...I want to re-live that night over and over...they are so awesome! I also want to re-live Jim Gaffigan a few weeks ago where he looked straight at me EEK! We were third row center so we were perfect! His eyes are beautiful by the way! Oh and re-live Conan!! That was also awesome! I had wanted to see him ever since I fell in love with his show, it was a dream come true! What a hell of a year :)

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