Friday, August 20, 2010

Caroline's First Birthday

As of 8:45 am this morning Caroline is one year old! She shares the birthday with Al Rocker from the Today show, i only know that because while waiting for my c-section I was watching the Today show :)
She had a fun birthday I think! We are waiting on presents because if Jase sees her opening something he will have to have something, so since they are a month a part in 2 weeks they will have all their presents at once.

So I got Caroline some hot pink balloons, which she loved, and I made her a cake with Hello Kitty on it. Hello Kitty is on her blanket that she is in love with so I chose that theme for her. She enjoyed digging into it! Over all I think it was a good first birthday. It wasn't like Jase's but I like it with just us. Jase's third, which is Sept 17th, is most likely going to be a party though with his classmates since he starts school Wed! Who knows though :)

Happy Birthday My Sweet Princess


  1. Happy Birthday Caroline! Can't believe our babies have turned one.. felt like yesterday that we were complaining about being preggers!

  2. Oh I know! It's crazy! When she got up today I thought "Oh my gosh you this time last year you were tiny and now you are throwing toys at me....sigh"