Friday, September 10, 2010

Bowls and Jewelry out of Vinyl Records!

No vinyls with good music were hurt in this process!
Only Polka vinyl's were used, and well we all know I did the world a favor with that one!

I'm always hunting for the next craft, I get bored really easy so I switch between alot (thank goodness Sloan lets me do whatever the hell i want without a care!! haha) Well I saw a video on You tube about making vinyls into bowls COOL! Then after watching it recommended vinyl cuffs again cool! I had to try but not with my precious Bon Jovi and Sinatra vinyls (I'm not that crazy!). So today while Jase was at school Miss Caroline and I went to the local thrift store where I found 25 cent vinyls YAY! Plus I got a 10% military discount! I only got 6 but I wish I would have bought tons more! I ended up making 4 bowls, a bunch of cuffs and 2 rings out of one vinyl, including a very special cuff for Caroline, and a jewelry display. Below are photos :) ENJOY!

 One of the cuffs i made and Caroline's, she loved wearing it!

The necklaces i made with my photos

The many cuffs i made, i am going to decorate some of them tomorrow.
I got into a fight with blogger....i hate adding photos on here! So yeah sorry they are everywhere!!!

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