Sunday, September 12, 2010

I regret it!

As much as I love photography, and enjoy the classes I truly regret going to school for it. What the hell am I going to do with this degree? There is nothing really unless I get my Master's in something else to cancel out photography, which is just more money in my eyes. I let my parents talk to me into it "you are good at it and a degree in something is a degree." I get that we all need a degree but if you can't really get a job with it, then what is point? I should have just gone the ol' boring business route, but it's to late for that. I have to suck it up and finish this degree, and pray that I can get a job to pay it off. I hate that I put myself in this situation, but it is my own doing, my own mistake, and I have to live with it.
I was suppose to graduate in May '11 but I am making sure to drag it out at least till Jase starts kindergarden so I only have to pay for Caroline's pre-school. I wish I could find something now that I could do to help pay off school loans, but I can't. I keep trying to do the craft route because I can do it in my spare time but I suck at it. It's fun to do, but it will never amount to anything. Same with selling my photos, yes I sold 3, but who we are kidding no one wants to buy nature photos. But, stupid me will keep trying to make a few bucks for school because I don't want Sloan to help....

School is just a waste of time and a waste of money...end of story...

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