Monday, September 13, 2010

Goodbye Art Institute

I kept thinking about changing schools, and talked to my mom and Sloan about it. They both support me and so today after making many phone calls...I applied to the University of Texas Permin Basin, which is where I am from. I should find out this week if I got in, which I'm sure I did my grades are to good from all my schools. I am going to finish my degree in Multidisciplinary, and get my Masters in something..not sure what yet. I'm still going to finish just like I would have at the Art Institute since I already have my Associates from Texas A&M. I feel like this a better move for me even though I love photography. This move gives me more options, which is what I want. Also it will saves us $15,000 :) Can't beat that!


  1. It took me a little while to make my decision to switch my major there, so I can only imagine how difficult and long it must have taken you to decide to switch schools and your major. Good luck! I'm sure everything will go well! And no, you cannot beat how much money you will be saving!! Just by switching my major, we'll be saving a LOT of money!

  2. Thank you :) I ended up applying to an A&M since my associates is from there, so I may just go that way instead. Either way I still graduate like normal. Once I figured out how much money we would save it was a super easy switch haha