Thursday, September 30, 2010

Challenge on Hold

Last week my lower back started hurting, and it has slowly gotten worse. Yesterday hit me hard, it is now so bad that if I move I cuss. Trying my best not to since the kids are always around me but it just comes out since it hurts so f***ing bad! Sleep was hard to get last night because of it, and today it's even worse. I thought yesterday was bad, HA I laugh at yesterdays pain! Anyway sitting is a nightmare so crafting is not an option, but I am still crocheting. Once 8 am hits I'm calling the Doctor to see if I can get in today, fingers crossed because I need something for this! I can't even pick up Caroline without screaming!
So, yes challege on hold, which I hate! But I have to deal with it.

Have a crafty day!

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