Thursday, September 30, 2010

Herniated Disk

I'm glad i went to doctor because it turns out I have a herniated disk in my lower back. I have to rest and stretch it for two weeks, along with meds he gave me. He told me I'm not suppose to really do anything, but then laughed as he looked the kids. Resting in this house is impossible and he saw that when the kids couldn't even sit still for 5 mins. I have to try my best though to lay down as much as possible, which basically means during nap time and after bedtime for the kids. If I'm still having trouble in 2 weeks when I go back then we will look at other options, last resort is surgery. So much for a fun week off of crafts...ugh...I'm going to try to do something tonight, but doesn't look possible.

On a happy note, it's raining!! We got a major storm this morning, and it's still going! I love rain and I haven't seen any since we left TX in June so I'm very excited about this! Another happy note because of my back no trip to TX in a few weeks, so no mother-in-law! If I didn't hurt so dang much I would dance :)

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